Monthly Archives: January 2017

Brexit impact on EU fruit and vegetable sector

Brexit impact at an immediate, near and mid term. Brexit will have a big impact on many sectors. And there is one that’s already suffering some stress, not due to recent cold weather conditions, but to the uncertainty the EU trade map Brexit is creating within the fruit and vegetable sector.

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Brexit impact on EU fruit & vegetable: all crystal clear?

The UK will officially leave the EU on October 2018. To achieve this, UK citizens will tighten their belts on, keep calm and follow the only One Way sign available, called Global Britain. UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s message was clear about this on her memorable conference in Davos earlier […]

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Fruits in your tights…Why not?

Interesting advertising campaign to promote how resistant, stretchy can be some tights for your legs!                 Funny “marketing speech” of the Heist premium tights (a pair of tights is affordable from € 26 ) : After 12 months, 196 samples, 67 women and 134 legs, we think […]

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