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GENEs make humans unique, and influence our identity. Well, the same applies to the fruit and vegetables, where genes are the responsible for their colour, taste and texture

In our ever-changing and fascinating fruit and vegetables sector, ORIGIN of the goods is crucial to rely on any Agrifood sector’s transparency pledge

ORIGeNAL STORY brings a singular touch and strategic vision to our sector’s knowledge, operations and branding and its key players who want to retrieve confidence, enthusiasm and commitment within all the stakeholders, from growers and partners to end consumers.

We are an “hybrid” marketing consulting agency that helps medium and large companies of Agrifood sectorfrom fresh produce to processed food – bringing “marketing research and projects” to the next level, by providing you:

  • markets insights & new business opportunities. (We are Business makers)
  • inspiration on food & consumer trends. (We are Trends catchers)
  • new fruit, vegetables & food brands, names or experiences. (We are Brand Experience creators)

In a fast-changing world, with its hustle and bustle of everyday´ s life – traveling, uber and permanent multi-connection, teleworking, and meeting presence, to keep updated of the current trends and deals signed become a challenge…. Difficult to admit it, but say it loud…We suddenly got outdated due to this oversaturation of information overflow!  So odd but so true!

Origenal Story’s roots come from its founder and managing director, Claudia Vásquez Alarcón.

Founded in 2014, we deployed our multinational, marketing and creative skills, honed by our experience on the professional globalised world, to launch an Agrifood business developer agency. We aimed at fresh and processed fruit & vegetables key players within the food chain.

In 2014, a few months after OrigEnal Story launch, Comexposium, SIAL Paris event organiser, accepted our company’s proposal and challenged us to adapt the content of the fair into interactive applications and displays, allowing us to share, in an innovative way, Nielsen 28 country-consumer surveys to all visitors. 

In 2015, an Agriculture event organiser in the US relied on our Media Strategy skills to convene specialised media outlets from five European countries to attend two agri-events for Managers and Women in the agriculture sector in Barcelona.

In 2015, a fruit & vegetable beverage company contacted Origenal Story to become its “brainstorming” generator among its clients and team. The outcome provided by all the involved parties was outstanding, and the feedback collected very enriching for the company. This experience triggered the company to work with a unique insight on its strategy and business model.

In 2016, SIAL PARIS decided to rely again on Origenal Story’s services, related to the creation of new interactive experiences to its international visitors.

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