About the founder

About OrigEnal Story

Claudia Vásquez Alarcón, Origenal Story’s founder and managing director, fell into the “fruit & vegetables´ magic potion” nearly 10 years ago.

After living and studying back and forth between Europe (France and Spain and Chile), Claudia lives today close to Barcelona.


Her Journalistic and curious soul (Journalist graduated at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona – Bellaterra, Spain) led her to explore into corporate and multinational world (Bilingual Master in Management and International Trade at the Université Bordeaux IV- I.AE., France).

Claudia was lured by start-ups and multinationals to occupy project manager positions in high-tech sector (broadcast, e-commerce, telecommunications and e-learning), participating in global projects with Human Ressources, Sales, IT executives and CEOs in the 90s and early 2000s.


After managing Marketing Communications with the help and support of Sales representants, Technical developers, and Chain managers in +10 European countries for + 5 years, she decided to focus on #marketing in #freshproduce and #agrifood business and launched her own business.

In 2014, she covered as a free-lance journalist European fairs such as Fruit Attraction, Fruit Logistica, collaborating with @Gondola (Belgium) and @EurofreshD (Spain).

She inspired the magazine Eurofresh Distribution to include a special “Consumer trends” section at page 02 of the magazine, where she contributed regularly. See articles published by Claudia

Claudia is continuously exploring new ways to promote products and services within the BtoB Agrifood sector. Her works done with her team for SIAL PARIS 2016 is a mere example of innovative projects that could be implemented in our challenging and changing sector.


Albeit new technologies have brought a huge help to facilitate crops planning and harvest cycles, growers, agronomists, traders and importers still look carefully other insights like weather conditions and socioeconomic factors”, said Claudia.

“This is the only sector I know where you learn what reliability and flexibility mean. You have to keep literally your “feet on the ground” to really understand the market”, added the entrepreneur.

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