Brexit impact on EU fruit & vegetable: all crystal clear?

The UK will officially leave the EU on October 2018. To achieve this, UK citizens will tighten their belts on, keep calm and follow the only One Way sign available, called Global Britain. UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s message was clear about this on her memorable conference in Davos earlier last week.

Brexit will have a big impact upon a large amount of sectors. And there is one that’s already suffering some stress, not due to recent cold weather conditions, but to the uncertainty the EU trade map Brexit is creating within the fruit and vegetable sector.

At Origenal Story, we have remained patient and cautious since last 23rd June 2016 (after the Brexit vote). We collected and analysed opinions and articles about the real impact Brexit will have in our challenging, gratifying and still human labour-dependent Fruit & Veg sector. 

We would like to share some valuable data extracted from a wide range of sources that could be as diverse as companies, associations, consulting firms and newspapers. 

Following Mrs. May’s speech, the Pound sterling recovered slightly for the first time last 17th January since June last year.

Alea jacta est and “Show must go on!” Let’s have a look at the EU fruit and vegetable trade map now, it all seems to be apparently ‘crystal clear’. This new scenario appears to be as fragile as crystal, at least for the EU fruit and vegetable industry.

Stay tuned! 

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