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About OrigEnal Story

Skills and Talent don’t have any origin or language. Diversity and Flexibility add our special touch to the sector.

We think as a team, caring for its integrity and respect. These are key elements that we cherish at Origenal, with our collaborators based in Europe, the US, Latin America, and Asia.

Here is a list of our current members of our network:

·      Large consulting firms specialised in Food, Retail, Fresh food , Processed fruit & vegetables

·      Customs offices

·      Trade organisations

·      Associations

·      Business analysts and experts

·      Lawyers specialised in Agrifood business

·      Project managers

·      Journalists

·      Designers

·      Programmers

·      Video editors

·      Producers

·      Translators and proofreaders

·      And many other OrigEnal souls

If you are also an expert, scientific, psychologist, sociologist, trend spot experts, we would like to meet you, exchange vision and expectations, align goals and welcome you on board!  We would be delighted to include you as a free-lance collaborator and expert within our team!

Please embrace OrigEnal Story projects with the same enthusiasm and freshness as we do.


Strategic Vision
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