About us

Origenal Story is an international business consulting and PR agency that supports entrepreneurs and CEOs of small and medium-sized companies who strongly believe in sustainability and environmental awareness.

With our roots in food and cosmetic ingredients, we uncover new business opportunities in the circular economy, science, and society.

Having previously acquired 20 years of experience in European consumer trends and B2B agrifood and ingredients, we provide valuable communication, Sponsorship, and marketing support for your project to thrive internationally. We detect opportunities in new markets and give you the strategic insights and tools to make this happen. We share the same vision with our clients in regard to protecting our biodiversity. 

Established in 2014 as an international PR and marketing agency, Origenal Story has evolved into a branding and marketing consulting firm, specialising in B2B agrifood and food. At the same time, its founder, Claudia Vasquez, worked as an international freelance journalist for global food and sustainable development trade publications—located in Belgium, Canada, Chile, France, Germany and Spain—and garnered significant attention. This elevated the brand’s profile into sectors beyond food, such as ingredients and cosmetics.

In 2020, Origenal Story transformed into a vlog to create awareness about the food system and sustainability, and it set the stage for Origenal Story’s evolution in 2023.

Today, Origenal Story strives to give visibility to stories that have a real impact on our planet, led by young entrepreneurs, CEOS, firms, and projects with sustainable roots and social implications.

Join us on our journey towards a better, more sustainable future.


Claudia Vasquez

Claudia Vasquez is the founder and director of Origenal Story. Claudia is a visionary who has been diving into the latest consumer trends in the food & ingredients sectors in the last ten years.

Her intense 20+ years of corporate experience have inspired her to become an entrepreneur oriented to the food & ingredients sectors and to reconnect with her initial studies, journalism*. She is a freelance journalist specialising in food ingredients and sustainable development trade publications.

Claudia’s passion for children, biodiversity and food led her to create new projects where she could combine her creativity with her multicultural and multidisciplinary approach.

Born in Chile, raised in France & Spain; with a strong Anglo-Saxon & French work culture, Claudia lives currently in Barcelona. She is fluent in Spanish, French (bilingual), English and Portuguese.

* Graduate in Journalism by the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB) and Bilingual Master in Trade and International Management by the Université Bordeaux IV (France).


Our unique blend of international marketing, branding, and journalism expertise & collaborators (located in Europe, America & Asia) ensures that your brand resonates effectively with your targeted global audience.

We craft market studies and brands’ stories, spot trends across sectors, and co-organise food tours that capture the essence of your brand and its value proposition in a way that resonates with European consumers.